Yasha Special School helps and serve children with special needs – autism,mentally challenged,Attention deficit(ADD,ADHD).
The school aims and works in providing various opportunities for self-expression,helping them to grow gradually,nurtured with tender loving and care constantly. The environment is created in such away to promote creativity and exploration stimulating through play activities and therapies for self-development. Personal management skills are taught to help them to meet the daily activities needs.

It is a neurological disorder and a lifelong developmental disability which typically appears in the early childhood. The autistic child may exhibit varying degree of a typical behaviour which affects the areas of communication and social participation. They are engaged in repetitive activities and stereotyped movement. They show resistance to environmental changes or change in daily routine and unusual response to sensory experiences.

Mental retardation is a condition of retarded mental development present from birth or in early childhood. It is not a disease or a medical problem. It is a educational, psychological and social problem.It is not only related to intellectual retardation, but may influence all aspects of human functioning including speech and language development, hearing and visual function and muscular co-ordination. The mentally retarded student may have below average intellectual functioning and have difficulty in behaving or carrying out task that are appropriate for his age.

It is a neurological disorder and the problems are in the area of learning generally with reading, spelling, writing, memory retention, mathematics and visual auditory processing disorder. It also referred as Specific Learning Disability (SLD), as they exhibit a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological process involved in understanding using spoken or written language. The disorder may be manifested in listening, thinking, talking, reading, writing, spelling or arithmetic.

Attention is the ability to concentrate on a task long enough to grasp its essential features. They may have short attention span and lacking in concentration. The child may have Attention Deficit with inattention (ADD), Attention deficit with hyperactivity (ADHD), Attention deficit with impulsivity.

Open Schooling

Open Schooling – an excellent platform for children who have difficulty or unable to go to school for learning.

Open School provides standardized and quality education with greater flexibility in learning.

Students can learn at their own pace,children who contribute their major time in cuturals,sports or art and who have it as their career and not able to cope with regular schooling,Open schooling is a blessing for them as they can complete their Secondary and Senior Secondary by Open Schooling.Students have also cracked competitive exams and are
admitted in colleges for higher studies.

Yasha academy helps such students to complete their schooling on by Open schooling.Individual attention and teaching by experienced and qualified faculties is our significant feature.We are happy to witness the satisfied parents on the positive performance of their children by our by our Learning pattern and teaching methodologies.