Yasha academy is earmarked in imparting academic knowledge and skills for students with Learning Difficulties(LD),slow learners, Attention Deficit – ADHD & ADD and other Behavioural issues.

We are expertise in creating distinct Individual Learning Program(ILP),for each student and applying unique teaching methodology based on the child ability,capability and interest.

For every individual child,a systematic Individual Education Program(IEP) is designed and a structured learning pattern is framed as each child has different way of perceiving and learn at their own pace.


We help children with following difficulties:

  • Dyslexia (difficulty with reading)
  • Dysgraphia(difficulty with writing)
  • Dyscalculia(difficulty with math)
  • Dyspraxia(difficulty with fine motor co-ordination)

 Our speciality

  • After school remedial program for school going children,who has difficulties in learning,slow learners,low memory retention,struggles in processing the concepts and face challenges in coping with subjects
  •  As we desire all children deserve to be educated under regular schooling,we offer’ Pull -out Program’ ,where the students study with us over a period of time and are admitted in regular schools based on their progress.
  • Remedial teaching on 1:1 ratio(1 child-1 teacher)