About Yasha

about-300x200Yasha academy function under ‘Yasha Educational & charitable trust’ which was started in the year 2013 as Yasha Learning Centre, handling Children with Learning disability (dyslexia ). Over the years we have touched the lives of nearly fifty children with Learning Disability, thus happy and contended to see the parents satisfaction who has witnessed a gradual progress and overall development (physically, mentally and emotionally) of the child.

Considering the requests and enquiries by parents, friends and well wishers the idea to establish a special school blossomed and henceforth ‘ Yasha Learning Centre’ has now changed in to ‘ Yasha academy ’. We are now outstretched our hands and heart to help, serve, take care and inculcate children with special needs, taking into consideration children with following disabilities and disorders.

It is a neurological disorder and a lifelong developmental disability which typically appears in the early childhood. The autistic child may exhibit varying degree of a typical behaviour which affects the areas of communication and social participation. They are engaged in repetitive activities and stereotyped movement. They show resistance to environmental changes or change in daily routine and unusual response to sensory experiences.

Mental retardation is a condition of retarded mental development present from birth or in early childhood. It is not a disease or a medical problem. It is a educational, psychological and social problem.It is not only related to intellectual retardation, but may influence all aspects of human functioning including speech and language development, hearing and visual function and muscular co-ordination. The mentally retarded student may have below average intellectual functioning and have difficulty in behaving or carrying out task that is appropriate for his or her age.

It is a neurological disorder and the problems are in the area of learning generally with reading, spelling, writing, memory retention, mathematics and visual auditory processing disorder. It also referred as Specific Learning Disability (SLD), as they exhibit a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological process involved in understanding using spoken or written language. The disorder may be manifested in listening, thinking, talking, reading, writing, spelling or arithmetic.

Attention is the ability to concentrate on a task long enough to grasp its essential features. They may have short attention span and lacking in concentration. The child may have Attention Deficit with inattention (ADD), Attention deficit with hyperactivity (ADHD), Attention deficit with impulsivity.

Creating an environment for a wholesome development to be a better and contributing individual in the society.

To help children with the right proportion  of resources,love, care and support;so as  to instill confidence and a sense of belongingness that foster development and facilitate daily living.


Supriya Sathish

Founder/Director – Yasha academy

M.A.(Child care and Education),B.Ed(Special Education)

Special Educator by Profession and Trainer by Passion.

Registered Special Educator of Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI).
National Trainer of JCI India.

The person who trust in the words,’Believe in yourself and you can do unbelievable things.’

Who love to surround herself with children and with the motive of laying a strong foundation for the ‘BUILDERS’ of our Nation – the children,started an early education centre ,’Rainbow School for kids’. Over a period of time ,came across with few children who were able to perceive things and learn differently,which sow the seed and cultivated the passion towards,’Special Education’,and from there on; contributed her service to children who learn differently and require special attention and special needs,which paved a path in starting,’Yasha academy,’helping and serving children with Learning Disabilities(dyslexia),Autism,Intellectual Disability,Attention Deficit(ADHD) and other Behavioral issues.

A self-motivated person who holds Master’s Degree in Child Care and education and B.Ed in Special Education.

She’s specialized and certified Remedial trainer on handling children with Learning Diaabilities(Dyslexia).

Specialised in Holistic Enrichment Program(HEP).

Certified Search and Teach Program of National Institute for Learning and Development.

A Special Educator by Profession and a Trainer by Passion.A motivational and Public speaker,who has shared her inspiring thoughts and knowledge to many parents,teachers and students;and has conducted ample of training programs on Soft Skills.

Very much specialized in conducting intensive and unique workshops  in the field of Special Education for schools,parents and teachers.Has been invited and has conducted many training programs and workshops for Learning Disablity,Class room Management,Resource room set-up,Coping with learning challenges,Teaching methodologies and techniques,Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD).

Also specialized and experienced in conducting Customized workshops and training based on the requirement of the participants,as the needs and demand of Special Education may vary from people to people.

Has a handful of experience in working with children,parents and teachers for 12+ years ,in teaching,training and workshops. Also happy to witness the positive outcome from the knowledge gained by students and participants.

A National Trainer of JCI India and Past President of JCI Coimbatore Metropolis,who has earned many accolades and awards during her tenure.

Has been honoured with,’Vanitha Prerna Puraskar ‘award by Vanitha Vasavi Club International.

Married to Sathish,a business entrepreneur and Trustee at ,’Yasha Educational and Charitable Trust.’

Blessed with a son,Vibwin and daughter,Sasvitha.