• My son Yukeshwar (age 5),was diagonised with autism.I am happy and tears fill my eyes when I say this,there is a vast improvement in him.The teachers help him to learn all his basic needs and now is showing interest to know many new things. He enjoys the school as everyone as everyone look after him with great care.
  • Aakash had attention and learning problem.Before he don’t know to read and write,but now he pays attention in his work for a span of time.He is also reading and writing now.He is able to read simple sentence in English and understand basic Maths like addition and subtraction,his handwriting is also neat.We are very satisfied and happy.Thanks to Supriya madam and all the teachers.
    D.Krithika , T.Parthiban
  • My son Aswath Narayanan was not able to speak clearly and had problem with writing, with the help of therapy and teaching given here,he is able to pronounce words clearly and is also able to write now.The teachers are very understanding and patient in handling the child.Thank you all the staffs of Yasha Learning Centre.
    B.Vijaya kumar
  • Vimal Raj is in grade 9 and has difficulty in reading and spelling.There is a great improvement in him. He likes the teachers very much.Very good teaching methods and very clearly taught.Thank you to all the
  • My daughter Poornima has Attention Deficit and low memorising ability,she was not able to concentrate in her work.But now she is able to focus on her work for a time and is also able to concentrate in learning.She likes this place very much and refuses to go to any other place for learning.
  • Children with Learning Disabilities require special attention and care. Yasha Learning Centre has helped many children by adopting this approach in remedial training. I would highly recommend it for children with Learning Disabilities.
    Dr.Anuja S.Panicker
    Consultant psychologist, PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore
  • Yasha Learning Centre provides best training and teaching for the children with utmost personal care.Best wishes to Yasha Learning Centre and Special School.
    Consultant psychologist,Mind Care Counselling Center,Coimbatore
  • Yasha Academy is one of the best centers for special school. Teachers are supportive and caring very much .Sanjeev studying in Yasha Academy for past two years .He has very much improvement. Now he is trying to speak. His concentration became very good .His angry and hyperactivity became control .Occupational therapy and speech therapy also done here it is very useful to Sanjeev. My opinion is Yasha Academy is a best center for children with special needs .I thanks Mrs.Supriyasathish the Director of Yasha Academy to give such a very good institution for special child.
    Parent of Sanjeev Krishna